Passionate about technology. Always learning.

I started out this long and strange journey as a coder in the games industry, beginning with the N64 and Dreamcast all the way up to the XBox360 and Playstation3.

Although I ended up specializing in render pipeline and shader optimization, I also wrote AI and path finding modules, converted and optimized a collision system, developed custom asset pipeline tools, camera systems, memory management tools and much more.

After 12 years in the games industry I was offered a position as an Android developer for a FinTech startup which also led to the opportunity to learn web development.
After the organized chaos that was/is the games industry it came as a welcome change.

In four months I learned both front end and back end server web development including HTML, jQuery, CSS, MySQL and PHP.

The server side stuff was necessary to learn since I was one of two people working on a brand new, custom REST api, another new concept.

This, together with the discovery of messaging frameworks like ZeroMQ and web sockets gave rise to a fascination with developing apps that can communicate with servers using different platforms, operating systems, programming languages and networks.

I've since developed several projects that feature web sites and mobile apps that use a shared api to talk to a custom made REST server.
The REST server is very fast as it is written in sensible, object oriented code and uses ZeroMQ to send data between PHP and C++.

I like to run the server stuff in Ubuntu on Virtual Box and Hyper V virtual machines.

When I'm not nerding out with the above, I enjoy snowboarding, reading and hanging out with friends.


Full stack web and mobile developer

Web Design & Development

Get in touch if you need a custom, responsive Bootstrap or Wordpress website with frameworks like Backbone.js and D3.js among others.

Server Side Programming

Let me build you a server side app with MYSQL, PHP or Node.js that can send data betweem almost any machine on any network you give me access to.

Mobile Development

I can convert your current website into an Android web app, or develop a custom native app.

Custom REST Api Development

Connect your fancy new website and app to your servers with a secure REST api.



Branas Mediterranean Grill

My name is John Branas, I own a small "Bistro Style" restaurant in beautiful Vancouver B.C.

As most of us know, one of the busiest seasons in the restaurant industry happens to be Christmas or more specifically November leading up to the end of December.

Imagine my surprise when when a customer informed me of my website being down for over two months!
He had been trying to order food from my restaurant for over two months and was unable to get to my website to see the menu.
Thus forcing him to order from another restaurant, you can just imagine how much money I was losing!

Alexander developed a new website and had it up and running in less than 3 days,
which may I add was much more sophisticated and cleaner looking than the one I previously had.
It came with all the bells and whistles websites need to attract business in this day and age, including social media links,
mobile phone ready, Google map etc...etc...
I didn't have to do anything but send him my menu and a few snazzy photos.

If you are looking for a website designer or just looking to improve your existing website by giving it a more modern look I would highly recommend Alexander Houghton!

Dave Davies, Landscape Architect/Urban Designer

In less time that I expected, at an affordable price, Alex secured on my behalf, a powerful domain name and produced an effective and informative website.

I now have a website that I can be proud of that clearly illustrates my vast portfolio and explains how my professional services would be a benefit to any prospective client.

Daily Health Habit

Web Design

Hotwire Integrated

Web Design

Payfirma HQ

Android App / REST api

Berry Health Bounty

Android App

Marketers Guide To Instagram

Android App


Over the last decade and half or so, I 've picked up a fair amount of knowledge, here's a selection.





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