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Huberson Dorvilus Wed, 10/24/18 01:18:53 pm America/Chicago
Hello. How may I help you?
Lane 01:19:52 pm
Hey Huberson, I’m trying to migrate a multisite to a different domain. It’s been suggested to me that I can use Snapshot to do this (warned that I might find some issues doing this)…..however I’m struggling to get Snapshot to even start this process……
Huberson Dorvilus 01:20:35 pm
Hi there!
Lane 01:20:35 pm
….The first problem I’m having is that if I try to make a managed backup, the resulting file is under 1MB and doesn’t contain any site files, only database files.
Huberson Dorvilus 01:21:19 pm
So the issue is with the inital backup right?
Lane 01:22:18 pm
Then if I make a local backup, it has all the files. It’s still a small site that results in about a 65MB zip file…however I can’t figure out how to use the snapshot migration wizard with a local file. I’ve FTP’d it into my destination but the snapshot-installer.php script shows “Source archive not found. The installer needs to be able to find and recognize a full backup snapshot archive. Please, download an archive from your Hub page and place it in the same directory as installer script.”
So yes….with managed backup, I’m unable to get a successful backup file created.

But with a local snapshot, I’m unable to get the snapshot migration wizard to recognize the source file.

Huberson Dorvilus 01:25:33 pm
For a full migration, local Snapshot is not the best option and won’t really work with the installer.. You need a full Managed Backup from the Hub to do that..
Could you enable support access to take a look at Managed Backup issue?
Lane 01:27:19 pm
Huberson Dorvilus 01:27:35 pm
Ok, moment please to check there
Would you be able to get FTP or cpanel to make a few changes there?
Lane 01:34:40 pm
Yes. Are they changes I can make?
Either works.
Huberson Dorvilus 01:36:16 pm
Just enable debugging from wp-config.php, increase PHP max_execution_time and some Snapshot constants..
simple stuff..
Lane 01:36:55 pm
PHP max_execution_time was just increased to 200 sec last night
Huberson Dorvilus 01:38:06 pm
Will need to make it 300, and add the following to wp-config.php:
define(‘WP_DEBUG’, true);
define( ‘WP_DEBUG_LOG’, true );
define( ‘WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY’, false );


define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘256M’);

First 3 lines to enable debugging, last one increase WordPress memory.. And the others to alter Snapshot behavior a bit
Lane 01:40:43 pm
wp-config updated. Where in cPanel can I change max_execution_time? I had my host do it last night.
Huberson Dorvilus 01:41:48 pm
In most hosting it’s from PHP INI editor under Software tab..
If you can’t find that there, check under your site root directory see if there’s a php.ini or user.ini file there.. And will provide you a line to do that
Lane 01:46:39 pm
striking out on all those
Huberson Dorvilus 01:49:12 pm
ah ok, you can provide me some screenshot of the settings you’re checking and will provide some guide there
Lane 01:51:19 pm
found it!
Huberson Dorvilus 01:52:42 pm
OK, if you scroll down and there’s no php.ini or .user.ini file, open ‘public_html’ folder see if you can see them there
Lane 01:52:50 pm
max_execution_time = 300
Huberson Dorvilus 01:53:13 pm
Looks good.. Already 300
Lane 01:53:57 pm
yes, just changed from 200.

Also give me a second….I changed the wp-config on the wrong site….updating this one now….

Huberson Dorvilus 01:54:04 pm
Lane 01:54:42 pm
okay…both updated
Huberson Dorvilus 01:54:50 pm
ok, checking now
Looks like WordPress memory didn’t increase define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘256M’);
And debugging still disable define(‘WP_DEBUG’, false);
Check if you have two line for ‘WP_DEBUG’ and ‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’
Lane 01:59:57 pm
I did. Corrected.
Huberson Dorvilus 02:00:43 pm
OK, looks good now.. Can you try running Managed Backup again
Lane 02:00:55 pm
Huberson Dorvilus 02:03:58 pm
Weird.. looks like it didn’t even start the backup.. Can you please look under wp-content/uploads/snapshots/_logs and upload the most recent files you see there for me here
Lane 02:05:41 pm
Huberson Dorvilus 02:06:00 pm
ok, moment please
Lane 02:10:07 pm
The status bar went to 50% before erroring. I just clicked to try again and it started at 50% and succesffully finished. But again the resulting file is very small
Huberson Dorvilus 02:12:06 pm
Yes, that what I noticed.. Can you locate debug.log file under wp-content and upload it for me as well
Lane 02:12:49 pm
Huberson Dorvilus 02:12:59 pm
ok, let me check that
Sorry for the delay, logs doesn’t help and still the same error, will pass you some additional options to tweak in a moment
Lane 02:35:23 pm
standing by
Huberson Dorvilus 02:42:59 pm
Sorry for the long run again, just verifying a couple options.. Add these two lines after the Snapshot defines in wp-config.php:

define(‘SNAPSHOT_FORCE_ZIP_LIBRARY’, ‘pclzip’);

Lane 02:45:29 pm
No problem. I appreciate your help. WP-config updated.
Huberson Dorvilus 02:45:39 pm
ok, let me do another test
Lane 02:47:11 pm
new issue: when trying to download a newly created local snapshot I get this:
Huberson Dorvilus 02:48:33 pm
weird.. it failed but I don’t get that error..


and add this:
Lane 02:51:17 pm
Huberson Dorvilus 02:51:50 pm
Hang on please.. running
Backup completed but nothing from the site – https://illumiweb.com/wp-admin/network/admin.php?page=snapshot_pro_managed_backups
Can you check from Hub see if there’s anything there?
Lane 02:59:57 pm
I see a 77 MB managed backup from 4 minutes ago and another backup in progress (50%)
that 77 MB backup sounds like a success!
Huberson Dorvilus 03:01:05 pm
Yes, should be the 4mins one.. Probably didn’t add it to the site because we disabled system backup
Can you download that and give it a go
Lane 03:01:46 pm
One of those days when nothing seems to work right.

I’ve tried downloading it twice and I’ll get all 76.6 MB downloaded but the download isn’t finishing.

Huberson Dorvilus 03:10:45 pm
No doubt some bad evil in the thing;) .. Let me try see if I can download it and will add it to a Dropbox or Drive folder so you can try grabbing it from there
Lane 03:11:03 pm
sounds good
Ooops. I thought that link would work.
Huberson Dorvilus 03:13:20 pm
nope.. Trying to grab it on our side. Hold on please
Lane 03:13:43 pm
I got it finally
Huberson Dorvilus 03:13:53 pm
Lane 03:21:59 pm
Huberson Dorvilus 03:23:16 pm
Are you doing the restore on a new database or old one with previous tables/data?
Lane 03:24:00 pm
I think the latter…but I can do a new database.
Would I need to create the database first in cPanel? Or does the snapshot migration wizard create the database?
Huberson Dorvilus 03:25:25 pm
You’ll need to create that from cpanel and provide the credentials to the restore wizard
Lane 03:25:53 pm
so I clicked “clean up files and try again” and maybe I have a success
Huberson Dorvilus 03:26:23 pm
It’s running?..
Lane 03:27:39 pm
okay, so I was trying to clone from OLDdomain.com to NEWdomain.com. Now it is trying to go to https://NEWdomain.Olddomain.com
and since it doesn’t find it, it goes to OLDdomain.com
Huberson Dorvilus 03:30:54 pm
Are you doing the restore on the same hosting?
Lane 03:31:04 pm
different cPanel
Huberson Dorvilus 03:32:10 pm
mm.. not sure why it give that error then..
the new domain is a sub-domain of the old one correct?
Lane 03:32:43 pm
no. different cPanel.
old = illumiweb.com
new = illumicut.com
wonder if I need to do a find/replace in the database
Huberson Dorvilus 03:34:33 pm
That’s something you will be able to do only after the restore I think..
Lane 03:35:08 pm
which I’ve done…
Huberson Dorvilus 03:36:12 pm
ah ok.. You can use PHPMyadmin, and go to the database and locate the options table(should be wpsomething_options in most cases)
Once you there, look for ‘siteurl’ and ‘home’ column
Lane 03:46:04 pm
Yes, that value looks correct
Huberson Dorvilus 03:46:39 pm
Another simpler approach, try adding these lines in wp-config.php :
define( ‘WP_HOME’, ‘http://example.com‘ );
define( ‘WP_SITEURL’, ‘http://example.com‘ );
replace http://example.com with the right domain
Lane 03:52:07 pm
not working….tried getting rid of the htaccess file wondering if that was causing issues…
still forwarding from illumicut.com (new site) to illumiweb.com (old)
the database seems to reference the correct URL
Huberson Dorvilus 03:55:02 pm
Can you check from both cpanel see if there’s any redirect between the two domains?
Lane 03:56:05 pm
none in the new
none in old
Huberson Dorvilus 03:58:51 pm
It’s weird that is redirecting to old with all reference to new one..
That line in wp-config.php refer to new domain right?
define(‘DOMAIN_CURRENT_SITE’, ‘domain.com‘);
Lane 03:59:26 pm
oh found it!
Huberson Dorvilus 03:59:58 pm
it points to define(‘DOMAIN_CURRENT_SITE’, ‘illumiweb.com‘);
Lane 04:00:54 pm
that’s crazy…I did a search for that term and didn’t come up with it.
okay now I have too many redirects 🙂
working on that now…
Huberson Dorvilus 04:02:21 pm
Sounds good..
Lane 04:05:49 pm
what do you get when you got to https://illumicut.com?
minus the ?
Huberson Dorvilus 04:06:42 pm
it’s redirecting to https://illumicut.com/wp-signup.php?new=illumicut.com
Try using Better search replace plugin just in case that might be caused by old domain somewhere in the database
Lane 04:11:53 pm
I can’t get into admin to install any plugins
Huberson Dorvilus 04:12:40 pm
oh ok.. Just noticed that.. https://illumicut.com/wp-login.php not working as well
Can you try renaming the ‘plugins’ folder under wp-content see if that helps
Lane 04:13:43 pm
already did that. Didn’t work. Renamed it back

This mentions “You could be seeing these error messages if:
You’re hosting multiple sites or networks on one IP address

but I was already doing that before installing this installation.
however….I didn’t use a unique name for the database prefix. I don’t really know how server side things work….but I have one cloud hosting package on one dedicated IP address and illumiweb and illumicut are on unique WHM accounts with separate cPanels. But is it problematic if they are using the same database names?
Huberson Dorvilus 04:21:32 pm
If they’re on the same server, database name and database prefix are the same, could cause issue there. But if database name are different, it should cause any problem even if the prefix are the same.
Lane 04:22:39 pm
tempted to wipe illumicut; create a new unique database; and redo the migration.
Huberson Dorvilus 04:24:48 pm
It will take you another time but you could try that if you think there might be some connection between the databases somehow..
Lane 04:25:39 pm
I wouldn’t think that would be the case…
Huberson Dorvilus 04:26:32 pm
Is there any change that you might have custom code under wp-content/mu-plugins?
or theme functions.php
Lane 04:27:48 pm
no….to date this is a pretty basic setup. There are a lot of plugins and a lot of plugin settings tweeks….but already tried deactivating all the plugins to no avail.
I was wanting to test this process before getting much further. What I really want to do is to be able to develop illumiweb and clone it many times for different sites and then edit those sites to their specific specs. This has been way more difficult than I imagined it would be.
Huberson Dorvilus 04:30:59 pm
Can you look under wp-content for the new domain see if there’s a debug.log there ?
Lane 04:31:38 pm
just deleted it. going to try to migrate clean
Huberson Dorvilus 04:31:53 pm
oh ok
Lane 04:42:21 pm
So interestingly enough, the migration tool does nothing to change wp-config to reflect the new site URL, database name, user name or password
Huberson Dorvilus 04:45:21 pm
yes, does are not changed(mostly with that type of restore).. That’s why we discourage using Snapshot for migration since it mostly backup and restore with the same domain..
We have a plugin that will be able to do that(Shipper) but it’s still in testing..
With Snapshot, you need to do a search and replace in most cases.
Lane 04:46:57 pm
after new migration, still stuck in redirect loup
Huberson Dorvilus 04:49:02 pm
Can you check from the database and wp-config.php see what are the database prefixes there?
Lane 04:50:26 pm
I put this in by hand in wp-config: /** MySQL database username */
define(‘DB_USER’, ‘illumicu_wp32’);
that shoes size: 0.00MB
Huberson Dorvilus 04:52:43 pm
Don’t think it’s the right one.. Or restored at all.. Can you open the database in phpmyadmin and take a screenshot of that?
btw, define(‘DB_USER’, ‘illumicu_wp32’); is for the username used to connect to the database..
check for DB_NAME
and $table_prefix = ‘
Lane 04:54:24 pm
// ** MySQL settings – You can get this info from your web host ** //
/** The name of the database for WordPress */
define( ‘WPCACHEHOME’, ‘/home/illumicut/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-super-cache/’ );
define(‘WP_CACHE’, true);
define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘illumicu_wp32’);

/** MySQL database username */
define(‘DB_USER’, ‘illumicu_wp32’);

/** MySQL database password */
define(‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘n-OBbhVTpq5F’);

/** MySQL hostname */
define(‘DB_HOST’, ‘localhost’);

/** Database Charset to use in creating database tables. */
define(‘DB_CHARSET’, ‘utf8mb4’);

/** The Database Collate type. Don’t change this if in doubt. */
define(‘DB_COLLATE’, ”);

Huberson Dorvilus 04:56:38 pm
What’s the value for “$table_prefix = “
Lane 04:57:24 pm
$table_prefix = ‘wpyx_’;
Huberson Dorvilus 05:09:24 pm
Try renaming the original wp-config.php to wp-config.php.old
and add this one then rename it to wp-config.php
Can you upload your htaccess file to check that
Lane 05:11:54 pm
Huberson Dorvilus 05:12:46 pm
The content of those look a bit weird.. Not real htaccess code in there..
Are those for .htaccess file located at the same level as wp-config.php?
Lane 05:13:20 pm
changed wp-config. same result
deleted htaccess files. Same result
Huberson Dorvilus 05:14:48 pm
OK, htaccess is not correct there.. Can you check the original site .htaccess and paste it for me as well
Lane 05:15:36 pm
SetEnv PHPRC /home/illumiweb/public_html/php.ini
# BEGIN WordPress

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301]

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteRule ^index\.php$ – [L]
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteRule . /index.php [L]
# END WordPress

Huberson Dorvilus 05:16:10 pm
except for this line: SetEnv PHPRC /home/illumiweb/public_html/php.ini
you can try copy those content to illumicut.com .htacess
Lane 05:19:28 pm
done. With the exception of that line, they were already identical. I manually changed “illumiweb” to “illumicut” in the version I had…but now that line is removed altogether.
are the unchanged authentication keys in wp-config problematic?
Huberson Dorvilus 05:27:10 pm
Although it’s good to update them with new slat key.. They shouldn’t be..
Could you provide me cpanel access to the new domain to have a look there?
Lane 05:28:38 pm
yes….one moment
Huberson Dorvilus 05:29:35 pm
Lane 05:29:45 pm
username: illumicut
password: (82DO~e_vVx7
Huberson Dorvilus 05:30:12 pm
what’s the login url?
Lane 05:30:20 pm
same username/password will get you FTP access
Huberson Dorvilus 05:31:44 pm
Ok, hang on please
Looks like not all the tables where restored..
the main tables for main site in the network is missing
Although that’s in the zip backup when I open it..
Lane 05:37:09 pm
good find!
Huberson Dorvilus 05:39:21 pm
Could try a new restore but will probably take some time to check all depending on your server speed..
Lane 05:40:31 pm
both attempts at restoring errored then seemingly finished correctly after clicking the “clean up files” prompt. Obviously didn’t finish correctly.
Huberson Dorvilus 05:40:39 pm
Lane 05:44:57 pm
Ugh. Now I’m having FTP issues
Huberson Dorvilus 05:46:59 pm
Might be network issue perhaps.. Try closing and login again
Lane 05:47:58 pm
Okay….should be 2 minutes before ready for migration.
Huberson Dorvilus 05:48:22 pm
Lane 05:50:13 pm
https://illumicut.com/snapshot-installer.php is ready to go. Since you have access to cpanel and ftp and everything else, how about you run it? There is nothing on the site now that can’t be deleted.
Huberson Dorvilus 05:51:07 pm
OK, hang on a couple minutes will try to restore from there
Lane 05:53:04 pm
I take it Shipper is not yet in early beta?
Huberson Dorvilus 05:53:41 pm
It’s in alpha testing.. But not publicly available yet
Only for beta tester
Lane 05:54:27 pm
I know a guy with two thumbs who would be perfect to beta test it.
Huberson Dorvilus 05:55:29 pm
haha.. Will check for you after the restore. Since there’re some requirements
Lane 05:56:20 pm
I appreciate your help today.
Huberson Dorvilus 06:05:39 pm
Hold on please..
had clean and re-upload
Lane 06:06:17 pm
No problem
Huberson Dorvilus 06:15:19 pm
55% restoring..
Lane 06:16:28 pm
Same as my confidence this is going to work 🙂
Huberson Dorvilus 06:17:36 pm
nope;) Just waiting for the fail point to check the rogue table
Lane 06:18:17 pm
Seriously though, I do appreciate your help today. This has been a long support chat. Where are you located?
Huberson Dorvilus 06:19:47 pm
Dominican Republic
No luck , failed again ..
Lane 06:20:41 pm
Home of the most beautiful women in the world. What now?
Huberson Dorvilus 06:21:03 pm
ahaha.. Yeah.. Not sure what exactly is causing it to fail from that specific table..
What I would suggest is try a plugin like Duplicator.. Or wait a bit for our Shipper release if that’s not really y pressing
oh, wait
let me check about the beta a moment
Lane 06:22:48 pm
Trying a beta could work, but I can’t wait. I need to work on developing illumicut 2 weeks ago.
Huberson Dorvilus 06:36:37 pm
Sorry for the long run, seems that’s only available to specific member in the beta testing program..
Lane 06:37:22 pm
Huberson Dorvilus 06:37:39 pm
Will pass you a link a moment you can use to send us an email to check that out with QA team
You can use the contact form here and choose ‘I have a different question’ – https://premium.wpmudev.org/contact/
This should then be forwarded to QA and we’ll provide you with the necessary details.
Lane 06:41:24 pm
okay….but this need can’t be new. WPMU is the leader in solving multisite problems. How do people go from development site to live site? Before Shipper launches, what is the best way to migrate a multisite?
Huberson Dorvilus 06:43:13 pm
That’s done manually for the most part. And some people use Duplicator or All-In-One-Migration where they’re migrating to different domain where Snapshot failed.
Lane 06:44:15 pm
if YOU owned illumiweb and wanted to move it to illumicut, what would YOU do?
Huberson Dorvilus 06:46:39 pm
Well, I know scripting a bit, I guess I will write my own little script to move the database from command line.. And maybe for copying the files as well(that give me more control over it).
But without that knowledge, a migration plugin is the easiest approach.
Lane 06:48:04 pm
Alright man. I appreciate your help today. Frustrated not to get to a resolution but you’ve been great.
Huberson Dorvilus 06:49:29 pm
NP! I hate when I can’t solve a thing.. really wanted to get it sorted.
Lane 06:50:18 pm
Lemme ask you this: why do you think the migration is failing to copy the folders over?
*not folders. Tables.
Huberson Dorvilus 06:54:36 pm
It’s mostly that one table ‘wpyx_affiliate_wp_campaigns.sql’ but frankly, no idea why it always stop at that point.
It’s like the table is corrupted but can’t be sure.
Lane 06:55:36 pm
That table would be linked to a specific plugin. If I deactivated and then deleted the plugin and created a new backup, would that table still be there?
And why have I had such issues creating managed backups in the first place? I have really pretty good hosting.
Huberson Dorvilus 07:00:31 pm
The table might still be present after deactivation.. Not all plugins really cleanup after being removed..
The issue with the Backup could be related to server stuff.. Like we tested earlier, seems to work only when backup is made directly to the Hub(without temporary saving it on your server).
Lane 07:02:42 pm
Alright, Huberson. Thanks for your time.
Huberson Dorvilus 07:03:03 pm
You’re very welcome!
Enjoy your evening!
Duration: 5h 44m 21s
Chat started on: https://premium.wpmudev.org/hub/support/#get-support

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